The population of people in Houston with an African ancestry has dramatically risen within the last few decades. Thanks to immigration, these people came along with their nutritious African diets. Consequently, various African restaurants in Houston have been set to cater to the rising demand for African foods. There are both huge African restaurants such as PeliPeli and and cheap eats like Suya Hut that serve different African cuisines like peri peri, Jollof rice, goat pepper soup, corned beef, goat meat, and ogbono soup. In this article, we have compiled a list of some of Houston’s best African restaurants, what they serve, and where you can find them.

Afrikiko Restaurant

Along Bissonnet road Huston txis Afrikiko, a Ghananian restaurant which is one of the top-rated African restaurants that serves some of the most delicious African foods in Houston. The preparation of Ghanian food in this restaurant begins with a groundnut soup with peanuts, a mouthwatering creamy and smooth specialty invigorated with pepper and garlic. A flexible fufu ball of boiled and mashed ground provisions like cocoyam, yam, wheat, cassava, and sweet plantain formed into mounds that make West African staple is also served here. You can also order surf and turf,goat pepper soup or jollof rice served with tomato stew containing “shito,” a hot chile sauce or any other Ghanian food that you desire. Afrikiko restaurant is located along 9625 Bissonnet St. Southwest Houston.

Suya Hut

This is one of the best African cheap eats in Houston where you can get various authentic Nigerian cuisines. This Suya kitchen serves delicious African dishes like gizzards, chicken, and tender beef with red sauce. It is one of the famous seafood restaurants where juts like the other Nigerian restaurants, seafoods like shrimps are also served here with plenty of chiles and peanuts. Sweet plantain and Jollof or fermented rice cakes are also in plenty. Besides, this is one of the few restaurants in Houston, tx where you can get a chicken sandwich. The restaurant is located along 11720 W Airport Blvd, #1600. Meadows Place.

Taste of Nigeria

Just like its name sounds, this restaurant in Houston serves distinct but authentic Nigerian foods like groundnut soup, suya, moimoi, and pepper soup. It is owned by the owners of café Abuja who are determined to bring to Houstonians the real taste of Nigeria. You can also choose to enjoy your meal at the restaurant’s fancy outdoor seating. Other African foods served here include Jollof served with bone-in wrapped in a delicious tomato stew. It is located along 5959 Richmond Ave., #160. Uptown.

Blue Nile Ethiopian Restaurant

This Ethiopian restaurant is a real African kitchen where you can find some of the best African cuisines. If you have had a taste of West African cuisines and you want to try something different, this is among the best Ethiopian restaurants in Houston, tx, that you should pop into. The prices for delicacies like tibs and Doro wat are slightly elevated because the spices are imported directly from Ethiopia. In the Blue Nile Ethiopian restaurant, you can be served with Teja, a sweet honey wine that is a little bit fizzy but fermented. Most of the delicacies served in other Ethiopian restaurants are also available in the Blue Nile.
Other African restaurants in Houston include the Lucy Ethiopian Restaurant and Lounge, Finger Licking Bukateria, Aria Suya along 6357 Westheimer Rd., Safari Restaurant on 10014 Bissonnet road, Springbok, Kobams Café and Grill along 11920 Westheimer road, Jollof Rice King, Marie African Flavors, and the famous Peli kitchen in PeliPeli restaurant among others.


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