Legal  Mentions:

The website offers a service for posting and browsing listings of Afro-related Businesses, Events and Classified Ads on the Internet. Vendor verified accounts can sell goods or event tickets via their Business or Event listing. All the Events tickets or items for sale are available on the Afrikagora Marketplace.

Afrikagora unlocks powerful marketing opportunities for African entrepreneurs and small businesses in the diaspora by increasing their visibility and connecting them to their target audiences.

By using the Afrikagora website, you’re agreeing to our terms of service:

            1. These terms of service constitute a legally binding agreement between you and Afrikagora.
            2. If you go against our terms of service, we may terminate or suspend your account.
            3. By signing up on Afrikagora, you warrant that you will give us the information we need to provide our services and that such information will be accurate in all material respects.

The website is published by Bangwa Seeds, LLC, registered in the State of Maryland, USA, under the EIN number 82-1954619. Bangwa Seeds, LLC is authorized by the State of Maryland to Do Business As (DBA) Afrikagora.

The website is hosted by Siteground Hosting Inc. registered and existing under the laws of Delaware, USA, with address: 901 N. Pitt St, Suite 325, Alexandria 22314 VA, USA.

For all legal inquiries or questions about our terms of use, service or sale, please email us at

Listing: Page of a Business, Events or Classified Ads on Afrikagora. It is made up of all of the elements and data (visual, text, sound, photographs, and drawings) posted by an Advertiser under his editorial responsibility. Therefore, getting this information accurate, complete and appealing will determine the success of your listing.

An Advertiser can create three types of listings:

·         Business

·         Events

·         Classified Ads

Consumer: This role does not need to create an account on in order to interact with the website. He can perform the following actions:

·         Browse the website and search listings

·         Read and comment Magazine articles.

·         Rate and comment listings

Contributor: A user who possess a personal account and can post comments to the forum.

Buyer: refers to any User of legal age established in the United States who possesses a personal account and who buys or wishes to buy one or more Goods or Event tickets on the site from a Vendor.

Advertiser: Any individual of legal age or any legal entity established in the United States, holder of a personal or vendor account, and posting listings of any types on There are two types of Advertisers:

·         The “Individual” Advertiser who acts exclusively for private purposes. Any “Individual” Advertiser must imperatively have a Personal Account to post and manage their listings. An “Individual” Advertiser may sell items on a small scale via a Classified Ads listing. In this case, the secure processing payment is not used. The transaction will be solely the responsibility of the seller and the buyer.

·         The “Vendor” Advertiser who acts exclusively for professional purposes. Any “Vendor” Advertiser must imperatively hold a “vendor” account to post and manage their listings, orders and products. Users must apply and accept the Vendor Terms of Sale in order to become a vendor. The following activities can be assimilated to a professional activity:

o   Resell objects purchased for this purpose and not for personal use.

o   Sell items created by the Advertiser.

o   Regularly sell a large volume of objects, sales that generate profits and generate substantial income.

o   Offers one or more Goods for sale that can be purchased though the Secure Payment system.

Good: refers to any product, which sale is not prohibited by applicable US  regulations or by the Site’s dissemination rules and that is offered for sale by the vendor on the Site via the Secure Payment Service or through a Classified Ad listing. IT includes Event tickets , shippable items or downloadable products.

Marketplace: Products or Event Tickets listed for sale by vendors on their Business or Event listings are all aggregated to a common space, the Afrikagora Marketplace, for faster retrieval.

Personal Account: Space accessible from the Website and the Applications, where all Individual Advertisers can post, edit, manage, view their listings, contribute to the forum, subscribe to one or more paid options, buy items on the Marketplace.

Vendor Account: Space accessible from the Site and the Applications where  Vendor Advertiser can create, edit, manage, view their listings, products for sale and orders.

Bangwa Seeds, LLC : designates the company that publishes and operates the Site and Applications: Bangwa Seeds, LLC, registered in the State of Maryland, USA, under the EIN number 82-1954619. Bangwa Seeds, LLC is authorized by the State of Maryland to Do Business As (DBA) Afrikagora.

Messaging: The messaging system allows users with an account to exchange private messages.

Notification email: Email alert sent to users with an account to notify them of an event (Account creation, approval and publication of a listing, expiring listings, order processed…) on

AFRIKAGORA Service: designates the AFRIKAGORA services made available to Consumers and Advertisers on the Website and Applications.

Site: refers to the website operated by Bangwa Seeds LLC accessible mainly from the URL and allowing Consumers and Advertisers to access the AFRIKAGORA Service via the internet.

Transaction: Act by which the property of a Good is transferred from a Seller to a Buyer, after validation of the payment and reception of the Good by the Buyer, per the agreement between the seller and the buyer (transaction via a classified ads) or per the Afrikagora terms of Sale (transaction via the Secure Payment System).

The purpose of the Terms of Use (TU) is to determine the conditions of use of:

  • The AFRIKAGORA Service made available to users who possess an account
  • The Secure Payment Service made available to Buyers who possess an account and to Sellers who possess a Vendor account.

The conditions of subscription by Advertisers to paid options (hereinafter referred to as “Paid Options”) are set out in the following terms of sale:

  • Terms of sale for “Individual Advertisers”, available here
  • Terms of sale for “Vendor Advertisers”, available here

Any Consumer, any Contributor, any Advertiser, any Buyer and any Seller declares by accessing and using the AFRIKAGORA service and / or the Secure Payment Service, from the Site and / or the Applications, to have read and accepted these Terms & Conditions of Use expressly without reservation and / or modification of any kind.

These Terms are therefore fully enforceable against Consumers, Contributors, Advertisers, Buyers and Sellers. The Terms of  Use outlined here apply as soon you access the AFRIKAGORA service and continue in effect until their termination. The terms cease to apply after you stop using the AFRIKAGORA service.

Afrikagora may terminate your right to access its services at any time

          (a) If you breach or violate our terms of service.

          (b) If you abuse or misuse Afrikagora services.

          (c) If by using the AFRIKAGORA service, you’d be violating any applicable local, state, federal or other laws.

          (d) If by using our services you expose Afrikagora to legal liability.

You may terminate your access to the AFRIKAGORA service and the applicability of these terms of service by closing your account.

All provisions of our Terms of Use that should survive the termination of these Terms of Use will survive.

2.1. General Rules

Users are informed and accept that in order to access the AFRIKAGORA service they must have an internet connection with a provider of their choice. Slowness, performance issues or outages may occur with the internet connection.

Users must take all appropriate measures to ensure the security of their equipment, personal data, and software, in particular against contamination by any virus and / or intrusion attempt. All equipment connected to the website remains under the entire responsibility of the user.  Bangwa Seeds LLC will not be responsible for any direct or indirect damage that may occur as a result of the connection to the website.

Users undertake, where applicable, to respect and maintain the confidentiality of their login credentials, and expressly acknowledge that any connection to their Personal or Vendor Account, as well as any dissemination of data from their Personal or Vendor Account will be deemed to have been made by the user.

Any loss, misappropriation or use of the login credentials and the subsequent consequences are the sole and entire responsibility of the user.

The Advertiser is informed and accepts that for technical reasons, his listing will not be published as soon as it is posted on the website. The Advertiser is informed that by publishing his/her listing on the website, it may be shared by any user on Social Media platforms.

Any listing published will be posted on the webite and applications. All Advertisers are informed that Bangwa Seeds LLC  may publish the listing to one or more listing categories. Any Advertiser accepts that Bangwa Seeds LLC may distribute any active listings.

2.3. Personal Data

Personal data processing, dissemination and retention are subject to the provisions of our privacy policy, which is an integral part of these Terms